27 Funny Memes Made For Guys, From This Dedicated Group

Published 8 months ago

Just like girls, boys too have to go through their own right of passage growing up. Despite this, there are still quite a few archaic ideas that are still rather prevalent. In fact, it’s sad to say but quite a few expectations from boys are not being acknowledged widely enough as toxic.

But one subreddit, r/TrollYChromosome, focused on disbanding these double standards and societal pressures to be ‘masculine’, is cracking down on anything remotely related to the chromosome Y. So scroll below to see some of the content they share which according to them, lives up to their motto of “Quality Reddit dudes sharing quality Reddit wisdom.”

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#1 Resist

Image source: LilliputianMouse

Great And Holy Pangolin (edited):

Dear men. It is manly to read books. It is manly to wear cute clothes. It is manly to care for your kids. It is manly to relax sometimes. It is manly to do housework. It is manly to love yourself. It is manly to cry, to feel, to BE human. Allow yourself that, please. You have my permission to be human. And if you don’t want it to be manly, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a multitude of things because manliness doesn’t define you. YOU define you. That’s kind of your whole job.

#2 Levar Burton Is Such An Awesome Person

Image source: Beards_Bears_BSG

Ranger Kanootsen: WE LOVE LAFORGE!!

#3 For All My Fruity Drink Loving Trolls, Including My Hubby

Image source: bookluvr83

#4 Wholesome Bernie

Image source: dbcaliman

#5 Boom

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Dressing How You Like

Image source: Lots42

#7 A Lot Of Kids I’ve Seen Act Way Mature Than Actual Adults

Image source: LilliputianMouse

Ranger Kanootsen: Yeah… I’m s**t at handling rejection. I just run away and eat pizza.

#8 Pls Stop

Image source: RageFury13

#9 Remember This

Image source: savethebros

#10 >:-(

Image source: ThrowawayId289

Great And Holy Pangolin: Not all bodies can do that, even if you put in the effort.

#11 Damn I Really Wonder Why

Image source: edgyguy115

#12 I’m An Oblivious Boy

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Girls Are Always Taught How To Stay Safe, It’s Not As Common To Teach Boys, And I Feel Like We Have Lots Of Young Men Here (Xpost Trollxchrosomes

Image source: hovdeisfunny

General Anaesthesia: The old “when a girl says no she’s *playing* hard to get” toxic mythe.

#14 I Like It Here. Keep Smiling Guys

Image source: R2-J4CK2

Ranger Kanootsen: YES. THIS.

#15 Same Bro

Image source: Mstr06Kai

Luke Branwen: Ok, this post made me soft. I’d give literally anything for that.

#16 It’s True

Image source: reddit.com

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Toxic masculinity hurts everyone, including men. It’s called “toxic” for a reason.

#17 It Ain’t Gay

Image source: savethebros

#18 Exactly

Image source: savethebros

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): I’m straight and I like to do my hair and wear markup. I also look smashing in a black miniskirt. Does that make me gay? No it makes me sexy AF.

#19 As A Tall Guy Myself, I Want To High-Five This Troll

Image source: -Guardsman-

Jared Robinson: Lol this man got a business card to tell you just how hard you can go f**k off.

#20 Work Title:

Image source: redcarlos36

#21 Last Week I Asked Her To Marry Me

Image source: RewriteCinema

Great And Holy Pangolin: I love the message that although Thor was going through a ton of grief and guilt, despite the fact that he’d been dealing with depression and subsequently weight gain, he was still worthy.

#22 A Familiar Struggle

Image source: feliciathesnail

#23 A True Man Stands For Justice

Image source: hesapmakinesi

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Women deserve pockets PERIOD.

#24 Saw This Post And Thought Of This Sub, If You Want I Can Delete This

Image source: Himikomeada

#25 Support Your Homies, Remember Your Worth

Image source: NerdInTheBush

Black Cat: I had a friend whose husband told her to man up while she was giving birth. She bit him on the hand.

#26 On A Scale From Y To 10 How Is This Bad?

Image source: 2T4J

#27 Why Is This So Accurate?

Image source: reddit.com

lily jones: Why did I act out every one of these. I am a girl

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