20 Out Of Touch Parents Who Ridiculously Low-Balled Their Babysitter

Published 7 months ago

There are too many parents out there making entitled demands on account of their children as if it’s the responsibility of the rest of the world that they chose to procreate. 

The “choosing beggar” term can be applied to these types of people. In fact, there is an entire section on Reddit dedicated to parents who act like “choosing beggars” when hiring babysitters. These irritating encounters involve parents who seem to think people should watch their kids for free, for the pleasure of it. Sounds unbelievable? Scroll below to see the proof for yourself.

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#1 Sister Sent Me This…she Was Blocked Immediately After

Image source: VortexThing

#2 Paying You To Babysit Is “A Deal Breaker Sorry No”

Image source: sky12340987

#3 This Parent Who “Can Only Do $6 An Hour” For A Babysitter To Come And Watch Their Kids Five Days A Week

Image source: u/penguinophile

#4 Babysit My Kid Full Time And I’ll Pay You $30 A Day! $3 An Hour, Such A Steal!

Image source: CearaLucaya

#5 The Second I Saw “Someone Who Is Looking Into Babysitting” I Knew She Was Looking For Free Childcare

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Cb Wants Somebody To Watch Their Toddler For $3.33 An Hour

Image source: c-biscuit77

#7 Free Babysitter Needed

Image source: janecgard

#8 Babysitter Wanted, Must Be In Collage

Image source: vemper

#9 Wants A Nanny For Less Than $5/Hour

Image source: KK232023

#10 Another Mom Refusing To Pay For Babysitting, People Can Sure Be Mean Sometimes

Image source: Spock_Skywalkr

#11 $15 A Day! And She Needs Overnight Care Too

Image source: oddlysatisfiednow

#12 Watch My Kid For 50+hrs A Week For $100 Each Week…also, Have 3 Years Babysitting Experience And Preferably A Cpr Certificate

Image source: Megandapanda

#13 Someone’s Want Add For A Babysitter 3 Days A Week

Image source: reddit.com

#14 $5/Hr Is Insane. 3 Kids Under 5, Btw

Image source: hexby

#15 75 Cents An Hour For Babysitting

Image source: alexpleasestop23

#16 Need A Babysitter/Slave

Image source: Pete_the_rawdog

#17 I Don’t Think Anyone Is Going To Want To Watch Your 4 Year Old For $3 An Hour

Image source: kenzeeee

#18 It’s Always A “Nanny” That They Want For Dirt Cheap Or Less

Image source: FU-Committee-6666

#19 This Is Not A Babysitting Job

Image source: westcoastcdn19

#20 For Market Price, You Can Clean Our House And Watch Our Kids!

Image source: krn0309

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