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Graphic Design

Chineasy: Easier Way To Learn Chinese By Teacher Shao Lan

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially for Westerners. Luckily, London-based Chinese-language teacher Shao Lan invented Chinese character graphics called Chineasy that make learning Chinese more fun and intuitive.

Everyday Objects Turned Into Delightful Alternative Reality By Illustrator Tineke Meirink

In her series "Stop Watch" Dutch artist Tineke Meirink shows us that “it’s just more fun to take a closer look.” The artist takes photos of everyday objects found on the streets that are mostly dull or even invisible to a regular person, but not to her. On the contrary, she recognizes the beautiful potential...

73-Year-Old Japanese Man Creates Impressive Paintings Using Only Excel

Meet Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 73-year-old Japanese, who creates highly detailed paintings with the most unexpected software – MS Excel. Horiuchi has never used Excel at work and got interested in this particular software only for two reasons – it was more affordable than Photoshop (he had Excel preinstalled on his PC) and easier to use...

Dad Illustrates The Craziest Things He’s Said To His Kids

Nathan Ripperger, an American designer, video producer and a father of four has found a creative way to use the weirdest things he caught himself saying to his children. The designer took the most random, out-of-the-context and therefore hilarious quotes and illustrated them with eye-catching pictures, resembling children's artwork.

Man Proposes to His Girlfriend by Writing and Illustrating a Children’s Book

While some guys out there still think that hiding an engagement ring in a dessert is original, this man is already light-years ahead of them. He actually wrote and illustrated a children's book about him proposing, and as his girlfriend read this part out loud, he made it all come true.

31 Mapping Stereotypes From Around The World

London-based designer Yanko Tsvetkov decided to mock our simplified perceptions of the world by creating a series of infographical maps of the most popular national stereotypes. Instead of drawing the traditional geographical boarders of the countries, Yanko's maps indicate how different nations see one another.

14 Clever Illustrations by Patrik Svensson

You may already know Patrik Svensson for his famous minimalist movie posters and book covers, but he has a lot more hidden in his 'prince's hat' (his former pseudonym). Recently he got rid of this pseudonym, and shared his new portfolio site with us.

Sarcastic Posters Reveal What it’s Like to be a Photographer

Every profession has its general image among people - and photographer is probably one of the most romanticized professions ever. These posters by the Shoppe Designs reveal what it's like to be one.

Minimalist Typographic Posters of Famous Scientists’ Names

With only a name written across the poster, Kapil manages to leave a cue about the scientist's discovery or achievement that made him famous and somehow changed the world.

Creepily Hilarious Valentine’s Day Postcards

Australian "Hubbawelcome" art collective mocks the head-over-heels in love sort of fluffiness by presenting an almost stalker-ish series of Valentine's day postcards.

55 Minimalist LEGO Riddles to Celebrate 55 Years of the Brick

To celebrate '55 years of the brick', LEGO challenges you with a series of 55 graphic riddles. The minimalist posters hide names of bands, songs, movies of other cultural highlights from the last 55 years by placing the bricks of a particular color in a particular order.

Awful Client Criticism Turned Into Posters

If you're a designer yourself, most of these postcards should ring a bell. Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy, in collaboration with other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, created this "Sharp Suits" series, based on their "favorite worst feedback" from clients.