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Graphic Design

Minimalist Typographic Posters of Famous Scientists’ Names

With only a name written across the poster, Kapil manages to leave a cue about the scientist's discovery or achievement that made him famous and somehow changed the world.

Creepily Hilarious Valentine’s Day Postcards

Australian "Hubbawelcome" art collective mocks the head-over-heels in love sort of fluffiness by presenting an almost stalker-ish series of Valentine's day postcards.

55 Minimalist LEGO Riddles to Celebrate 55 Years of the Brick

To celebrate '55 years of the brick', LEGO challenges you with a series of 55 graphic riddles. The minimalist posters hide names of bands, songs, movies of other cultural highlights from the last 55 years by placing the bricks of a particular color in a particular order.

Awful Client Criticism Turned Into Posters

If you're a designer yourself, most of these postcards should ring a bell. Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy, in collaboration with other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, created this "Sharp Suits" series, based on their "favorite worst feedback" from clients.

Minimalist Pictogram Movie Posters by H-57

As their pictogram history posters received quite a bit of your attention, we couldn't let the new works by H-57 go unnoticed! This time, the 3-member-team advertising agency, design studio and an experimental laboratory in one presents their take on well known movie posters.

Mind-Bending Illustrations by Oscar Ramos

A Chilean artist Oscar Ramos, based in Santiago, will have you look at his work again and again. In each illustration of his Ad+ series, he beautifully merges several completely different scenes into one, and thus a baggy Converse shoe on the top may smoothly turn into a paradise island on the bottom of the...

15 Incredibly Creative Resumes

They say that all is fair in love and war - and when you're in the resume-sending period of your life, well, that's definitely a fight for survival. To get inspired, check out our selection of these highly successful and creative resumes that went viral!

Nerdy Dirty Postcards by Nicole Martinez

How do you confess love, or at least momentary affection, if all you read is chemistry and math textbooks? Well, as a Boston-based illustrator Nicole Martinez and her Nerdy Dirty postcard series proves, love also speaks the dialect of science.

Literature-Inspired Quote Illustrations by Evan Robertson

New York-based graphic designer Evan Robertson takes the cleverest lines written by his favorite writers such as Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway and turns them into brilliant literary posters.

33 Excellent Examples of Negative Space Logos

If you've ever tried designing a logo, you probably already know that it's easy. It only has to look good, be memorable and also communicate the idea of the business. A good way to achieve these goals is to...

Minimalist Typography Movie Posters by Patrik Svensson

Earlier this year, we shared some cleverly manipulated book titles by Sweden-based graphic designer Patrik Svensson. Now we want to show you another wonderful collection of his minimalist typography posters based on various movies.

15 Popular Movie Poster Cliches

French blogger Christophe Courtois put together several telling montages of similar movie posters that show how newly created designs are strongly influenced by existing ones.